Rob Tieben @ Work

PlayFit Student Explorations

In the PlayFit project, I am - and have been - coaching several students projects at ID TU/e and Fontys ICT GD&T. In these projects, students design and develop prototypes to motivate teenagers to be physically active, based on the principles from the PlayFit project and my design-research.

The pictures show some examples of student’s explorations:

  • the LightScribe app, a mobile app that allows light scribing - painting with light. By Hanna Zoon.
  • dotMirror, an interactive mirror that visualizes your silhouette in a enhancing way. By Troy Reugebrink.
  • Bomb It, an installation in the swimming pool that records user’s jumps and bombs, and displays them on a large screen. By vd Bogaard, Donkers, Jacobs, Leenders, Verhoeven and v Woelderen.
  • Tea Seat, connected seats that allow playful sitting: movements on one seat, such as tilting, are translated to the other seat. By Al Abdeli, Janssen, Kersteman and Scheffer.