Rob Tieben @ Work

Publications, press articles & awards.


  • Honourable Mention Global Game Jam 2013, location Utrecht; with van Kuijk, Deen, Waarbroek, Leeuwe, Oonk and van Berkel; with our game Heart to Get
  • 1st price ‘Pleased to Meet You’ game design competition; Kuijk, M. van, Deen, M. and Tieben, R.; 5000 euro for our game ‘Wordsnake’
  • 2nd price Health2.0Challenge 2011 category realisations; Sleegers, T., Deen, M. and Tieben, R.; 2000 euro for our game ‘RopeJump’ [competition website]
  • Best long paper award - British HCI 2011 conference
  • Young Talent Social Design Award [nominated] – shared 2nd price, design competition of all Eindhoven Design student projects 2010 [news article]

Edited volumes:

  • Wouters, I. Kimman, F. Tieben, R., and Offermans, S.A.M. (2009). Flirting with the Future: Proceedings of the 5th Student Interaction Design and Research conference, ISBN 978-90-386-1761-9, 15-17 april 2009, Eindhoven, The Netherlands.

Book chapters:

  • Schouten, B.A.M., Tieben, R., Ven, A. van den, Schouten, D.W. (2011). Human Behavior Analysis in Ambient Gaming and Playful Interaction. In Salah, A.A. and Gevers, T. Computer Analysis of Human Behavior, Springer, 2011.

Journal papers:

  • Tieben, R., Sturm, J., Bekker, M.M., and Schouten, B.A.M. (2014, accepted). Playful Persuasion: designing for ambient playful interactions in public spaces. In: Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Smart Environments. To appear.
  • Boerdonk, K. van, Tieben, R., Klooster, S. and Hoven, E. van den (2009). Contact through Canvas: an Entertaining Encounter. In “Designing Multi-touch Interaction Techniques for Coupled Public and Personal Displays" a special issue of Personal and Ubiquitous Computing, Vol. 13, pp. 551-567.
  • Tieben, R., Boerdonk, K. van, Klooster, S. and Hoven, E. van den (2007). Meeting by Moving, Mediated through Music. In “Urban Computing" a special issue of IEEE Pervasive Computing, Vol. 6, No. 3, pp. 62-63

Conference papers:

  • Tieben, R., de Valk, L., Rijnbout, P., Bekker, M.M. & Schouten, B.A.M. (2014). Shake up the Schoolyard: Iterative Design Research for Public Playful Installations. In Proceedings of IDC 2014, June 2014, Aarhus, Denmark. 
  • Sluis-Thiescheffer, R.J.W., Tieben, R., Sturm, J., Bekker, M.M. and Schouten B. (2013) An active lifestyle for youths through ambient persuasive technology: implementing activating concepts in a school environment. In Proceedings Games for Health 2013, October, The Netherlands, 293- 308.
  • Deen, M., Sturm, J., and Tieben, R. (2011) PlayFit: how to activate teenagers (Abstract). In Games 4 Health Europe 2011.
  • Sturm, J., Tieben, R., Deen, M., Bekker, M.M. and Schouten, B.A.M. (2011). PlayFit: Designing playful activity interventions for teenagers. In Proceedings of DIGRA 2011.
  • Tieben, R., Bekker, M.M., Schouten, B.A.M. (2011). Curiosity and Interaction: making people curious through interactive systems. In Proceedings of BHCI 2011.
  • Tieben, R., Bekker, M.M., Sturm, J. and Schouten, B.A.M. (2011). Eliciting casual activity through playful exploration, communication, personalisation and expression. In Proceedings of CHI-Sparks 2011.
  • Bekker, M.M., Lu, Y. and Tieben, R. (2010). Requirements for communication technology to support social interaction of older adults. ISG 2010, International Society for Gerontechnology 7th World Conference, Vancouver (Canada), May 27 – 30, 193.
  • Jacobsson, M. Fernaeus, Y., and Tieben, R. (2010). The look, the feel and the action: making sets of actDresses for robotic movement. In Proceedings of DIS’10, Aarhus, Denmark, 2010, pp. 132-140.
  • Tieben, R., Fernaeus, Y., and Jacobsson, M. (2010). actDresses: interacting with robotic devices - fashion and comics. In Proceedings of HRI’10, Osaka, Japan, 2010, pp. 353-354.
  • Boerdonk, K., Deckers, E., Nagtzaam, H., Schwachöfer, J., Tieben, R. and Klooster, S. (2006). Meeting Duet: challenging people into a body language of meeting, in Proceedings of DeSForM 2006, Eindhoven, Netherlands, 2006.

Conference/activity co-organisation::

  • Games [4 Health] Jam (4x): 2010-2013, gamejams about Public Play, PlayFit, Swimgames, etc.
  • Dutch Gaming Festival (2x): 2011-2012, two day event about games.
  • DIGRA 2011 PhD colloquium: co-organised the PhD Workshop on Investigating Games and Play: Themes, Theories, Practices, Methodologies, at DIGRA 2011.
  • SIDeR’09 Flirting with the Future conference: chairman of the fifth Student Interaction and Design REsearch conference, in Eindhoven 2009.

Workshop / Demo position papers:

  • Tieben, R., Sluis-Thiescheffer, W., Sturm, J., Bekker, M.M. and Schouten, B.A.M. (2014). Playful (inter)action: teenagers, high schools and six playful designs. Demo paper for IDC 2014
  • Tieben, R., Sturm, J., Bekker, M.M. and Schouten, B.A.M. (2013). Eliciting recurring curiosity through playful interactions. In IDC 2013 workshop on Behaviour Change Interventions: Teenagers, technology and design at IDC 2013.
  • Tieben, R., Sturm, J., Bekker, M.M., and Schouten, B.A.M. (2011). Playful moments of activity. In AmGam11 workshop on Ambient Gaming at Ami’11.
  • Tieben, R., Bekker, M.M., Sturm, J. and Schouten, B.A.M. (2011). Playful moments of activity. In Please Enjoy! workshop at MobileHCI 2011.
  • Tieben, R., Sturm, J., Bekker, M.M., and Schouten, B.A.M. (2011). Little moments of casual active play. In Design for Cool Workshop 2011, at BHCI 2011.

Exhibitions (selection):

  • ID’10 2010 – Dutch Design Week exhibition @ ID TU/e
  • Design United 2006 – Dutch Design Week Exhibition (Meeting Duet prototype)
  • Design United 2007 – Dutch Design Week Exhibition  (TouchMeDare prototype)
  • DeSForM conference 2006
  • Lowlands festival 2007 (55.000 visitors)
  • TU/e open house 2007
  • Opening / 2006
  • Inaugural lecture Prof. Overbeeke 2007
  • V2 Test_LAB multimodal 2007
  • DesignUnited 2006
  • TNO Sport Exhibition 2006
  • Symposium FieldLab Eindhoven 2006
  • Sport & Technology conference 2006
  • Nederland Innovatief conference 2007

Press (selection):

  • Z@PPLIVE, teenager program Nederland 3 (Dutch national television); presentation of PlayFit & Walk of Fame (in dutch).
  • SportNext (2013). Onbewust meer bewegen door gaming. Blogpost about my work.
  • Tieben, R. and Schouten, B.A.M. (2013). De spelende mens (in dutch) in Het Idee
  • Hart van Nederland 2012 - news item about our swimgames course. | SBS6
  • Interfaces - Magazine of BCS Interaction Group - autumn 2011 issue; article about our Best Long Paper Award
  • Sturm, J. and Tieben, R. Beweeginterventies voor het VMBO op basis van spel & games (in dutch) (2011). L.O. magazine
  • Daily Paradise – Lowlands festival program guide 2007
  • various national and international blog items
  • various TNO publications (2005-2006)
  • SBS6 television news 2006 – major Dutch television network
  • IDzine (various editions, 2005-2010) – TU/e ID news letter
  • Telegraaf  2005 – large Dutch national news paper
  • Cursor 2005 – TU/e news paper