Rob Tieben @ Work

Second price Health 2.0 Challenge

Together with Menno Deen and Ton Sleegers, I won the 2nd price in the Health 2.0 Challenge. We won this price of 2000 euro with our game-concept RopeJump.
RopeJump is a multiplayer game in the swimming pool, where players take turns to dive to the bottom of the pool, and try to hit the underwater button at the exact right moment. If they succeed, and their avatar jumps over the rope, the next player has to dive down. A social (co-op) game of swimming, fun, holding your breath, and discussing tactics and strategies to win from other teams!

Games [4 Health] Jam 2011

Together with Menno Deen, Mark van Kuijk and Janienke Sturm, I organised our 2nd Games [4 Health] Jam. A weekend in which 65 students and alumni from the Netherlands and abroad engaged in a game design competition, focused on developing games that motivate teenagers to be physically active.
A great success, and very enjoyable! More details can be found at