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Walk of Fame for Serious Request

Our installation Walk of Fame was part of the ‘Playground, Serious Gaming for Serious Request’ event. This playground with interactive games was one of the activities for Serious Request, a large charity event in the Netherlands. Visitors could play with the Walk of Fame and other games, in return for a donation for the Red Cross.

Games [4Health] Jam 2012: Public Play

Together with Menno Deen, Janienke Sturm and Luuk Waarbroek, I organized the 2nd Games [4Health] Jam; this year’s theme was ‘public play’, and once again the 70 students created working games that motivate people to play in an active way - within 50 hours!

The results have been presented and exhibited at the Dutch Design Week Stadhuis exhibition, the Games for Health Europe conference, and at the Games in the City conference.

More information:

  1. Video overview of the presentations: vimeo
  2. Video impression of the gamejam: vimeo
  3. Game jam website & overview results: url